About us


Was founded in 2022 in Pennsylvania in the United States with a vision to take African music to even greater heights...

And we make bold to say that we are well on our way to fulfilling this vision.

Newton Record is an international record label company whose aim is to captivate audiences with its unique approach and diverse roster of artists from different countries and continents.  

Newton Record label represents a significant shift in the global music industry, shining a spotlight on the vibrant musical landscape of the African continent. With two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, the founders have established that the record label is a force to reckon with, as we are the only record label that operates both internationally and locally when it comes to signing artistes and making partnerships. We have an unwavering commitment to fostering artistic talent, promoting cultural diversity and pushing boundaries, we are poised to redefine the way the world experiences music.  

One of the core principles of this record label is its commitment to nurturing artistic talent. With a team of experienced industry professionals, the label offers comprehensive artist development programs, providing artists with the necessary tools, resources, and support to refine their craft and reach their full potential. From songwriting and production to branding and marketing, this record label aims to equip its artists with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the highly competitive music industry.

Where rhythm is life, and life is rhythm…

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Amplify your sound.

Music that moves you, from a label that grooves you...

In an era where music is constantly evolving, Newton Record seeks to stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovation and pushing boundaries. From Afrobeat and Afro-pop to Afro-house and Afro-Soul, the label’s eclectic repertoire promises to captivate listeners and introduce them to new and exciting musical experiences.  

Also, we recognize the importance of collaboration and cross-cultural exchange, so we actively seek partnerships with international labels, producers, and artists. By forging alliances across continents, the label aims to amplify the reach of African music and foster meaningful connections between artists from different cultural backgrounds. These collaborations will not only enrich the label’s catalogue but also contribute to the global music landscape, promoting cultural understanding and unity through the power of music.

We are poised to revolutionize the way African music is perceived and appreciated worldwide. As the world tunes in to the sounds of Africa, this record label stands as a beacon of creativity, authenticity, and cultural pride, paving the way for a vibrant future of African music on the global stage.